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The graveyard is for satan's colleagues!
I read the fact –
Ghosts are just a parody.
It's wrong to believe,
Even the dead can live.
Content in the book was correct,
I was suffering with hallucination.
People told me
Ghosts are just imaginary.
People were wrong to predict that
I have seen the spirits, and they do exist.
I promised myself to keep it secret,
I was suffering with mental disease...
People convinced me –
It'll be hard to continue the scene.
I know I live like living in a dream,
In which I fell in love with a dead.
With the crowd that only I could see,
I loved sitting alone in the cemetery
And that's why I could see imagery.
I was a necrophiliac
I felt, but I was wrong,
I can't fall in love with a spirit...
Realizing that, I screamed like hell,
For I thought
I was kissed by an ideal...
I couldn't control myself
And when I was loved back every time,
I knew ,I found someone
Who accepted me the way I am.
I wonder he was made for only me,
He was like cupid!
No human believed what I told,
Then I believed what they said;
For I was blessed with the conspired head,
His people addressed me as a princess,
Ready to be his queen.
But I'm sure now I was
Day dreaming about it.
Eidolon proposed me! I felt I was
Then dressed up well for an approach that
I needed a psychiatrist...
I don't know why people said that
I was so confused what to do further.
It was so magical ,but
I didn't know it was right or not;
I was summoned for magic...
For my mind was so chaotic
As much I used to
I don't believe my surrounding now
I'm a diseased person.
Don't try to convince me that
I love my unseen lover.
But I will definitely say
I don't want to utter
Because people know me
I was never like a normal maiden.
I'm a human who has to marry only human;
I don't have to convince myself
That my notional world is real...
I don't owe any explanation
And I have to say that
Hallucination it was all.
I can't even believe that
I have a love story.
It's definitely true
We lived next to cemetery.
An Eidolon made me his bride...
I feel blessed to soon realize that
I can overcome this speculation of mine.
I was different and I felt
I was confined, I'd have verbalized
It was so colorful with black sight!
The reflection of mine–
Reflecting in front of a mirror,
Under the full moon night
People saw me as possessed...
I hesitate to tell
For I have been yet not dead
He stayed back for me...
Indeed, I don't know what to say
I am sorry to feel this...
Because people do assume
I was faulty to think like this.
I'm not at all in my senses,
Can't you see!
I love the angel of hell
I can never verbalize it.
It was all fake — dates, hugs, kisses...
And not even in a dream I can tell
I want to live amongst spirits
It's already high time explaining.
I feel sick to live
For we are together like always.
Kindly take me away from this place
To be a girl so normal with goals.
Apparently now I'm cured in whole
I was suffering with a rare mental disease
I won't think anymore that
I have spent nights with a dead,
I'm a necrophile and
When I loved him,
I gasped each time he loved me back ,
No, it's not like that.
Imaginary friend is always imaginary!
People say because there's no solid body,
Believe me,
There are books on my kinda life.
I know I am different,
People were right.
I can never say
I didn't had any disease.
I don't know how to tell,
What all I have experienced in all.
I wish to wisher my crawl,
It was 29th February,
I sat nostalgic,soon felt him within me,
Under the full moon night
Losing senses and not being calm.
Nothing is more scary than
Knowing that he can see me, but I can't ...
I yelped for I couldn't see him;
It was not just an incident:
I was committed with that unseen person.
I yearned and
I made an imaginary friend.
It all then started when
Reading spell book I enchanted...
For higher studies, beside cemetery, I shifted.
I desired to be a conspiracy theorist and
Researching about magic and spirits,
I have always lived
But my destiny already planned things few...
I never thought a ghost can love me!
It's creepy to acknowledge that
But also
It's funny to recall that
I was ready to spend my life
With that satanic vibe...
Pondering the ponders
Of the pondered wonder ,
I accept I'm different since forever.
And I will always say
I had a mental disorder.
I've realized It was not that
I've Spent nights with the angel of hell.
Oh god! I feel a bit weird to tell ,
I bonded myself in satanic spell!
I was indeed not a necrophile.
Perhaps, I can't say that
With a corpse I have tales — romantic.
Anyway, I wish to reveal the fact that
I've accepted in front of the world...
I had mental disorder of hallucination!

(Read again backwards)


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