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Wedded were We, bedding was My done.
Cladded were We, NAKED was I done..
You grasped me hard, I gasped alone,
You pressed the card, I punched along…
You sucked all out of me,
Now I'm left with only flesh and blood.
You tucked away all out of me,
As if I was a piece of trash and STUD…
Breathless was I, pleading was my soul,
Heartless was thy, left bleeding me whole…
Ruptures of me were scattering on the floor,
Raven nightmares, still shivering me on the roll…
Neither any law verdict it as a crime,
Nor was it worshiped by any shrine…
Still, clinging to me, remains the scared scars,
Every night, clanking like wind chimes, aching my arcs…
Wish, You could put yourself in my shoes,
But now I feel among st the few, me, mused…
"LOVE never call for a consent, and LUST never asks for one…" And now, I'M DONE!!!

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