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October 2020

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If you are spending the entire night talking on how much you adore him and term it ‘love’ than I doubt on you actually being his lover….Have you ever asked him, how his family is doing? Or if his mother is healthy in recent times…...

मेरा नाम दर्शाता है सुनहरी आँखे, दिलों की खुशी ना सही पर ग़म ज़रूर बांटे। जुबान पर आकर शब्द अक्सर रूक से जाते हैं, आँसु तब आँखों से बहकर सब कुछ कह जाते हैं। मन का सैलाब खामोशी का रूप लेता है, पर आँखों का आईना पुरा दृश्य बयान करता...

पाखी हूँ मैं, एक परिंदा बैठा हुआ। कैद के पिंजड़े में रखा हुआ, अभी तैयारी करनी है, जिसे उड़ान भरनी है। मैं एक ऐसा परवाज़ हूँ, जो कभी रुकेगा नहीं, ना कोई बंधन बांध सकेगा, जो कभी झुकेगा नहीं। अभी तैयारी करनी है, जिसे उड़ान भरनी है। डरती नहीं खौफ नहीं, मुझे दुनिया के इन...

खामोशी से गिरते हुए को थाम लेता है, बाप है जो हर मुसीबत को टाल देता है। जद्दोजहद ज़िन्दगी की वो समझा ही नहीं, बाप दरिया का रुख जब मोड़ देता है। संजय कुमार लांबा के और लेख पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें: ...

My friend and I were traveling back home from college on a bus. A seven year old girl with her mother got into the bus and they sat beside us. The girl seemed to be mentally challenged. She had a charming smile on her face...

Turning of pages ,rotating fans, screeching chalk , faint gossips, and pitter patter of rain outside.It was the first day of Ivan at his college in new city. Lost in his own thoughts, he was peeping out of the window. Ivan was basically a shy and...

The colour yellow always brightened the day she thought. Sivya sat beside the window sil leaning against the wall and wondering what was to come that day. She saw yellow roses dance to the wind in her garden. What beautiful flowers they are? She thought to...

“Sir has sent a call for you”, the hostel warden came and told me. My heart thumped. I felt like I was sinking down deep into the earth. I knew not what was to be done next. My head reeled. Everything seemed to be blackened...

Some of us believe that our wealth will diminish when it is given to the needy people and so we consume everything by ourselves without sharing. This poor attitude is considered as horrible way of life than begging. This will destroy all our wealth very...

Just a gest of whatever you ought to be, a documented section of the Guardian on his lap and a Coffee cup to never abandon him. What's weirdly out-of-body experience for him was being a cook and experiencing vivid amendable changes in his mind. It...