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Turning of pages ,rotating fans, screeching chalk , faint gossips, and pitter patter of rain outside.
It was the first day of Ivan at his college in new city. Lost in his own thoughts, he was peeping out of the window.
Ivan was basically a shy and soft hearted guy who just completed his schooling and shifted to nearby city and admitted in a reputed college to continue his higher studies. The class was over and it was raining heavily so Ivan decided to wait in canteen a bit longer, while other students went away.
After a while the rain shower got stopped and he went to the main gate at and started walking towards his hostel. A little after he noticed a girl struggling with her bicycle, but he moved on. Seeing Ivan, the girl waved towards him calling him for help. Ivan was a bit nervous since this it was the first time a girl called him! After watching here and there he saw no one else and approached towards her.
His eyes got struck on her beautiful sweet soaked face hidden behind wet tresses. With rosy lips full of honey, she spoke “Hi! I’m Ruchi. My cycle chain is broken and I have to deliver these flower baskets in the shop on the ZPF square. Can you please help me with these?”
“Mmm….. No….. I mean yes… yess…” Replied Raj with shaking lips.
“I won’t mind if you have any other works… I’ll manage!”
“No.. No… never mind… I’ll help you out..! No worries!” murmured Ivan.
He stepped ahead, held the big bag and moved. Ruchi walking by her side with the cycle and an awkward silence between them.
“Here we are…This is the shop. Thank you soo much for your help.” Ruchi broke the silence.
“Mention not… if you need any more help, do let me know!’’
“no no… it’s fine. I can manage further.” And she went into the shop.
With a blushing smile on his face, he walked back towards his hostel. On the same spot, he found out a piece of paper lying, he picked it up and it read,
Prepared by-
Roll- 080719
CONTACT- 8249—63-3”
Some letters were spilled by the rain. Raj put it in his pocket and walked away.
On reaching his hostel room, he dried the paper and was trying hard to read those and then the calling bell rang -Ding Dong-
On opening the door, he founda handsome & tall guy, charming face with a wide smile. He also had two bags with him.
“Hey little fellow! This is my room. What are you doing here? Pack your bags and just leave it!” He said.
“What…. Who are you? But the warden said this was my room!” Squeaked Ivan.
“The warden said… But not now! You are kicked out of the room… Leave asap!”
This filled tears in Ivan’s eyes and he was just about to start packing. The boy stopped him and said, “Heyy little kid! Don’t you have a common sense. These two beds in this room aren’t made for you only right! So it’s obvious that someone else will also share this room! And you should feel lucky!”
Wiping off his tears, Ivan spoke, “So you are my roommate! And why should I feel lucky?”
“You have a brain or this skull is only for display? Stupid kid! You should feel lucky because I am your roommate! And from now on, whatever is yours is mine! Starting from food to girlfriend! Everything!”
“Oh sorry sorry… Its soo foolish of me to think that you might have a girlfriend!”
“You are correct… I actually don’t have a girlfriend. But what’s your name after all? ” asked Ivan.
“Ohh… I forgot… I’m Aarush Ahuja…I don’t need to speak about myself, we are gonna be together for 4 long years.. You will know me and soon we will be more than friends.”
“Sure… That will be fun.. And I’ll see if I’m really lucky or not . By the way, I’m Ivan… Ivan Arya.” Smiled Ivan.
“So Mr. Ivan Arya, from the first day, you found a beautiful girl with dark hairs and deep eyes and somehow you got her contact no. and now you are struggling to call her or not.. Am I right?” smiled Aarush.
Ivan was astonished “Yes! You are correct.. But how did you know that?”
“ooo Ivan.. You are sooo innocent… You don’t understand anything… be mature now! I’m explaining you listen… . On the first day, a boy gets a girl’s phone number, types on phone but still didn’t call.. This depicts clearly! As I can see this project cover, I guess you both accidentally thumped against each other.. Her project papers all flying in air….a romantic song playing in background..”
“Hey..hey…Hey not like that, that wasn’t a filmy scene at all!” Ivan interrupted Aarush.
He explained the whole scene to Aarush. After listening everything he laughed and then said, “So your problem is that you don’t have her correct number even if you have.! Give me let me give a try!”
“What will you do?”
“Don’t worry I won’t take her away! I was just joking that time ok ! Just chill! What I’ll do is called ‘TRIAL AND ERROR' method! I’ll put up some numbers and find the right girl !” said Aarush.
“that’s a good idea! Why I didn’t thought of it!”
“Such amazing ideas comes only in mind of handsome guys like me!” Aarush said showing his sparkling teeth.
After dialling some dozens of numbers, finally he gave a last try.
“Hello.. Is this Ruchispeaking?
-Yes! Who’s this –
This is a call from your college to remind you to submit your project thesis.
-But I have already submitted my work.-
Okay no problem. Thank you.”
“So here is the number of your beautiful girl Mr. Ivan”
Ivan’s face shining and he jumped out of happiness and hugged Aarush, “Thank you soo much… I’m so happy and definitely I’m lucky!”
“Okay now don't be so emotional and it's your your turn to have a lovely talk with a pretty girl and yes put the phone in loudspeaker.”
He dialled the number and called her and within second, the call was answered and before he could speak anything from the other side, she started speaking,
“Hey… where were you, since the day you left I had been trying every day to contact you but all in vain… finally today you called and I’m in the seventh heaven. Every moment I missed you and was cherishing the moments we spent together. Those were the happy days! Heyy you there? Why don’t you speak anything!? Heyyyy?”
Both of them stunned kept staring each other and then Aarush ended the call and spoke, “You already knew her… made memories… And I don’t know what else you did… but atleast you could have told me!”
“Believe me it was 1st time I met her and I don’t know what all she is speaking about and I never received any calls before this. ”
After thinking for a while Aarush started speaking, “so this is the first time you called and she’s claiming you to be her love.”
“So what to do now? She is keeping on calling! Should I answer and confess her that I’m not the one whom she is thinking?”
“Yes do that..!”
Ivan was about to answer the call but Aarush stopped him!
“No no… . Don’t do that…”
“Aarush you just now told me to do… And now you are denying..!”
“If you do that… she will be hurt! Didn’t you see how happy she was just at receiving the call! And also if she knows the truth, she will no longer talk to you ! And your love story will end before starting.!”
“Yes, that’s also correct so what to do now?” asked Ivan
“Now you call her again and speak to her and answer what she asks”
Ivan called her back and again she started speaking “-Why did you end the call Devansh? Any problem? Why weren’t you talking with me since long?-”
“Hey ruchi! How are you? Let’s not talk about past… forget those and let’s start again in the present.!”
And days passed both of them talking everyday sharing each of their happy and sad moments and Aarush being constant support of Ivan in being Devansh!
But they were not feeling good lying a girl and they decided to meet and confess the truth. They asked out Ruchi to meet at the flower shop at ZPF square as it was the last place where he left her!
After the class, Ivan and Aarush went directly to the shop and found Ruchi already there. They waved at each other and then Ivan went near him.
“Hey Ruchi, I actually planned to meet you because I wanted to confess you something which I couldn’t do over phone. Since the day we started talking, I had been lying you.”
Ruchi interrupted “Wait what! When did we talk and what you are lying about? The first and the last time we met was when you helped me! So what are you telling about?”
“I’m not joking If you don’t know anything, why are you here then?” questioned Ivan.
“I everyday come to this shop to help aunt with her works.”
Before he could think of something and speak, sounds of beating and someone screaming came from outside. And everyone rushed! They saw some people smashing a guy and Aarush was trying to stop them. Ivan also went there and he also got beaten in middle. The guy was bleeding severely. Some other people came from nearby area stopped them and the situation was now under control. Ivan and Ruchi took him inside the shop and asked him , he replied “I am Devansh. I was here to buy some flowers for my love, but these people came out of nowhere and started punching me.” Listening this Ivan was shocked and remained quite.
Meanwhile Aarush was having some talk with those people who were beating him and rushed instead and called Ivan to corner.
HE IS DEVANSH Both said at once.
“The guys who were beating Devansh were hired by Ruchi's father. He found that Devansh was cheating on Ruchi a year ago and had threatened him not to keep any contact with her. But when they saw Ruchi is again talking with him.. that is you and they knew that you are going to meet again, his father again sent them here!” said Aarush.
Just then another girl entered the shop and seeing Devansh bleeding, she rushed crying.
Aarush said “Who is she now?”
“The girl in this shop whom I met is not the Ruchi I speak in call! I remember her name on the project thesis was RUCHITA ..!” said Ivan.
“Ohh… so this is the.-R-U-C-H-I- who’s creating all the confusion! Ohh these girls… can’t they keepdifferent names.. But you have two RUCHIs now… whom are you going to keep? Can you lend me one please? Both are soo beautiful!”
“Aru please… this is not a time to joke around! Let’s go there and sort out all the mess we have caused !”
They went near them, sat on the tableand explained them everything from the beginning!
Now everyone was clear and were laughing!
Aarush asked Ruchi“I am still in confusion that how did you think that Ivan's number was that of Devansh.”
Ruchi replied, “One day I found Devansh’s contact was deleted from my phone.. Now I realize that must have been done by my father. So I searched for his number in some of my old diaries. I got it but it was a bit faded, but anyhow I managed to read it & saved. Then only I got Devansh’s call… I mean Ivan's call. But now I realise I was mistaken.”
Ivan got on his knees in front of Ruchi and said,
“Without even seeing you, I have fallen in love with you. Can you again forget all the past and start again from now, and this time it will be a real one! Believe me!”
There was a blushing smile on Ruchi's face and she said,
“YES. Once again I’ll forget the past for you!”
Suddenly Aarush also got on his knees before Ruchita and held her hands,
“Ivan has now got his Ruchi, now can I get my Ruchita?”
“Yes of course, but first assure me that you will not be confused and exchange between RUCHI & RUCHITA!” Saying this Ruchita laughed.
“Hey hey not bad! U are just funny like me! Okay I assure you!” said Aarush.
5 years later, four of them kept on laughing on their engagement day reminding how they met.

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