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Welcome aboard readers. I am Navin, a journalism student with a desire to capture all facts and figures of our society with a trait to uplift lives as well. You’d be glad to know about your country as you read some of the real incidents I could pen down. Please do read till the end.

Plot 1- Patriarchal terror
Navin- Hi, I'm Navin. I came here to talk your interview. How’s life going?
Victim- Why do you ask this? (fearful from her husband)I am allowed to talk to no one. Please let me go.
Navin- There’s something you hide. Let it vent out. If it’s wrong, I want to you to raise your voice.
Victim- Ok. I’ll tell you…
I had been born an innocent girl who was all set to face a female foeticide. You heard me right!
This is my tale and I happily narrate what wrath I had to face because of my narrow- minded family and my oh-so-decent husband.
It was still raining and I was caught up in my work, when-
“Rekha! Why didn’t you polish my shoes yet? Do you think this is some joke? And my clothes? How are they so wet?” And there went three clattering thuds on my cheeks, making me bleed profusely.
I had been bearing this torture since last ten years. And even before that, my parents were really eager to marry me off at quite a young age. I was only twelve then and money meant almost everything to them. I was so naïve not to understand what was happening and here I am now.
“Why did I even marry you? I couldn’t even be gifted with a ‘proper’ child! You are simply good for nothing! You get me? Good for nothing!”
I was in tears and broke down completely, realizing that my child was no more with me now. No, she isn’t dead. She’s somewhere far away, where maybe she was respected and treated well. Maybe…

Plot 2- LGBTQ Tales
Navin- Hi, I'm Navin. Don't be scared, I only come here to talk to you.
Person- Hi. It's been ages since we met someone who would show so much of a concern.
Navin- I know your mother. But I want to know how you reside in such a community.
Person- Well, it's about that part of time…
"Dada, I want to play with them!! Why do you keep me so safe here?"
“You are different, do you understand! We don’t want you to go outside.”
What happened to me was pathetic. I was sent to an alien place where I found myself surrounded by people who rather started adoring my presence. And gradually I learnt who I was. And I am proud of myself.
I'm a transgender, I wear a bindi, I adorn a garland of flowers, And I love wearing suits and sarees.
And the vermilion on my forehead makes me a powerful homosexual.
I look at you through the lens of my heart. But do you see me with a vision of your heart? I assure you, we people would not go for any operations to define our sex. We’ll be always present on this land like the way you see us- pretty clad in a makeup moving to different places. But what about my friends…

Plot 3- Harassment songs
Navin- Hi, I'm Navin.
Parent- How do you come here? What do you want?
Navin- I got to know about your daughter, from her friend. I want to help you get justice.
Parent- (sobbing) I know. But.. Well, I’ll tell you.
“Good morning teachers! I am Sadhna from Class nine and today I want to present my views on ‘Molestation prevailing in the society’.”
Irony, that the girl who stood up against harassment had to go through the same because of her vocal thoughts. She was a prodigy since birth, a daring lady with strong persona, ready to stitch flowers from her wounds, But who knew the fate would turn the tables.
Right after what she spoke in the morning assemble, caught eyes of two boys who were straight away rejected by Sadhna who they approached her to become ‘bosom friends.’ Their manly ego was so hurt that they found no way but to strangle her to death. And everything was set according to the trap.
“Maa, I’ll walk and go for my coaching classes. Don’t you worry. Nothing would happen to me.”
“Dear, I know you are strong, but you know what happened with Mr. Arora’s daughter, right? She was abducted. And I fear you going alone.”
“I’ll take care of myself and I am strong, you know that!”
A step outside her home and she was followed by the boys who stalked her. She was abducted and taken afar where no one could find. Her shrills were only heard by forest animals and no one came to her rescue.
Sadhna was gone. Only her draping and chopped parts left as reminiscent for her parents to remember.
“There was no news regarding her. And the media didn’t even bother to capture. We want justice just like her friend who lives in a village!”

Plot 4- Orphan pandemic
Navin- Hi, I'm Navin. Your friend told me about you.
Girl- Oh! Welcome. Please come inside.
Navin- How do you live in such a place? Don’t you fall sick?
Girl- You really wish to know?
“Tap! Tap! Tap! I want food, I am so hungry!”
“Oh Varun! Come, let’s steal things. Afterall we have nothing left with us! Come boy!”
Social media is so narrative with all the elite class of society, completely neglecting the lives of poor people. It’s not only about being poor, but having no one to take care is yet another issue!
“Ok! But pick pocketing now? I mean, we see no people here. I don’t know what had happened.”
To the people illiterate and unaware of a pandemic condition, living carefree is same as lending hands in spreading epidemic. But who would teach them? We people? Government? Society?
“See! There is a van, they are selling something. Let’s go there.”
On reaching the van-
“Hello, you! Where are your masks? And you are so dirty! Go away, we won’t sell you these!”
“But uncle, we want food! We are hungry since days. There’s no one around our place.”
“Shut up and run else I’ll call the police.”
And the two boys stole packets of grains only to leave the driver in disdain. This was to happen. Afterall is pandemic known to all? Or pandemic sees people before attacking?

Did you learn something? WE HAVE NO FREEDOM YET!
We pause the story here only on a sullen note and a mysterious secret..
There was more to it, but do you have time read them all?
Because only reading- would it change something?
These are only some instances, there’s more
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