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There was thug at her back .. she felt the push from more than one person .. yes it was .. there
was a crowd of some 20 to 30 people running like mad street dogs towards a van… hopefully it
had some food..
Janvi her name was.. ragged clothes and hair like a broom and a unplanned slum .. were what
defined her .. explained the plight of this little orphan upon whom fate had only bestowed grief.
Janvi took pace to reach the van…she had to run or else she would have to sleep one more
hungry night which she was used to from past 3 days.. she was survived only on wat er .. the
water from the nearby abandoned bore well … which never failed to gush only water with thick
scum of floating rainbow colored scum .. Janvi knew it was unhealthy to consume it .,..but she
had never seen what the true potable water looks like .
“ There’s nothing here “ claimed one of the young man who was the first one to reach the van , …
his voice faded completely inaudible to the people who were still running after the false hope of
finding a grain .
The man got down pulled the driven out of it ….. who was awestruck looking at the crowd
running at him for no probable cause
“ why are you here ? where’s the food “the man growled at the driver.
“ Eey .. how dare you hold my collar you filthy dirt .. back off.” the voice had no generosity not a
tinge of kindness.
The crowd too had to face this dirty truth ….. they were now used to it … the time where the
life is desperately trying to let out from their palms but they still held it.. not letting it leave
The very next day was a bright day .. “ there was huge crowd of vans with more T V reports
than food in them … ‘ the reporters spread into the narrow spaced lanes like a drain water
reaching their slum after every rain ….. soon Janvi discovered that these were some NGO who
supply food to the needy ones in this lockdown period..
One of the very well dressed lady with light make up on her cheeks approached Janvi , asked
her “ so little girl how are you surviving in this lockdown period … and what precautions are
you taking to tackle the corona “ she did not pause “ and are you getting food supplied by
government .. what’s your opinion about corona effects on your lives? Come on speak up girl “
she said….. before Janvi could speak anything she turned onwards camera gave a quick briefing
then again turned to Janvi to ask “ how are you dealing with this corona… corona is causing a
lot of trouble ?
“ Auntiji! Yeh corona kaun hai ?………… bhook lagi hai khane ko kuch do….".

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