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Laying wide awake at night
The howls of the night haunts me
The rain splatters at the roof with terror
The moon dimming its light in anguish
I felt heaviness clustering in my bones
The cold were on me like a second skin
The wind blew and fought like the never ending war
The Owl hooting ceased
Then she came into my room with a candle
She appeared before me with looks of anger
I held myself tight against my pillow
I wailed and cried out but no one heard me
Then she came closer to me and whispered
My body shook with terror at the heat
Emanating from her body
Her words were like the waves of the oceans
And it left me speechless
Then the floor creaked as she retreated into the dead of the night
Even as my eyes were closed
I dreaded opening them
Then the Owl began hooting again and the rain stopped.
I felt numb and nothing seem the same
The night was once again quiet
And then my eyes opened as I woke up.

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