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"My name is Murali is meant
The flute which is played by
Lord Krishna Bhagavan in Bhagwath
Geetha the epic that Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna plays flute with rhythmic
Which attracts the lovers in sixteen
Hundred Gopikas as per the epic and
The flute is one of the instruments taking
Vital part in playing music especially tragedy and platonic love songs etc.,
Name may or may not suitable
To the persons, some persons
Can be suitable for the name
Having by getting success and
Achievements real life,some
Persons may not suitable,
As per my name Murali may some
Far better suitable for myself
Because I can play some musical
Instruments like drums and tabula
Singing songs, writing poetry,
Writing books,vetting more awards
Awards National and international
Level and helping the poor and
Doing service to the people
Socially, literally and economically,
Every thing depends upon our
Attitude in positive and thoughts
Behavior in natural and dedication
Development of not our individual
But all the society living with us."

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