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Once upon a time there lived a girl named Pilaya. She was 7 years old. She lived with her mot
her and father in a village.
There was a beautiful garden in the village with beautiful flowers .
Every day kids came to play in the garden after the school.
After her exams, she thought of going somewhere during the holidays. She packed her bag as she wanted to go to her grandma's home to meet her. Her grandma stayed in a town 1000 kms away from Pilaya's village.
Her mother was too happy to go. Soon they booked the train tickets .
Finally the day came when they had to start with their journey. Pilaya's mother packed food for the train. She also took Pilaya's favourite things to eat in the train.
Pilayas father came to the station to drop them. She learned many good habits at the railway station like standing in a queue, keeping social distance, putting mask and conversing with the station master.
Once she boarded the train she was very excited to sit in the AC coach. She told her mother "Wow! It will be fun in the train to look out. Mummy can we bring a bottle of cold water please I am very thirsty”. She loved the seats in the train and She was very excited to go to her grandma’s home and to the garden. Her most favorite thing was to go to cafe.
Finally they reached her grandma's home. Her grandma told " Pilaya you had a long journey. Come, eat lunch and then we all will go to the garden”.
The phone rings..
Grandma said "please wait I have a call from the gardener". Gardener is saying that we cannot go to the garden as there is no power supply. Pilaya said "Oh no"."Ok now sleep, we can go tomorrow", told the grandma.
In the morning
"Now let's go to the garden" said grandma. They all went to the garden. They played hide and seek and many more games near a big tree. Everyone was surprised to see such a big tree. Then grandma said it is there since 25 years and many birds make nest there”. The tree was very strong.
After a few days, a little bee named Olari came there. She was a girl. She was very cute . She called her family to tell them about the tree and to make a hive on the tree. She very excited to go in her new house.
Everybody told "Yes"! to Olari and they all began to make a hive…… .Olari also worked hard and made a big and beautiful bee hive.
When the hive was ready Olari was happy as she got a small sister to play with. She was very small and cute like Olari.
Her name was Olia. Olari taught Olia to fly, play, work, eat and make hive. They played a lot in the flower garden. She was very happy to play in the beautiful flower garden.
However when the happy life was going on the tree, suddenly there came a dark shadow of wood cutter. One fine evening a wood cutter came to garden and planned to cut the tree for making furniture. Next day wood cutter came and start cutting the tree
The next day the cruel woodcutter came and attacked the tree .
All animals requested, the bees said "please don't cut the tree. Many animals have their homes on this tree" .
The birds said" don't cut the tree. My babies are to be born" .The squirrels said" this is the best place to live and there is no another place where we can live".
Snakes said "please don't cut the tree. We will give you whatever you want but, please don't cut the tree".
But the woodcutter did not listen . So all the living animals made too much of noise and attacked on the wood cutter. The wood cutter ran out of the garden seeing all the animals coming towards him and never returned back.

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