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My dearest Brother,
Four years younger to me and still you are the sweetest person I have ever met. You paint our lives with brilliant shades of rainbow. I have so much to say, but you know I fall short of words.
Do you remember the day your were born? I think No! Well I do! I was actually scared because I lost the way to Mumma's room and I was crying. But when I went inside with Dad, I saw your beautiful pearl skin. You were so cute and charming. But unfortunately, I couldn't hold you in my arms. You were heavy, you know!
Since that day, I made myself strong to be your big sister. We grew up together beating each other like punch bags. You didn't ever care of my age or gender. Wow! Even I'm fragile!
We till now share stationary, clothes (atleast I wear yours), books. We choose chaos over silence and pull each other's hairs. I know this would go on till you don't get married (I'm waiting for that, Haha!)
You are taller than me, but let me tell you, you are still younger than me. And I'll love you always and forever. I don't know what live would have been for me without you! You are truly a blessing! Thank you for bearing with me and sweetly ruining my life (Hehe!).
But I'll drop a small poetry for you to read-
Your tiny fingers curled around mine,
As I remember how you smiled so shy,
Learning to speak and beginning to fight,
You made our lives so bright with your light.
Your toothy grin was the beauty of yours,
As you learnt to walk on the paths and roads,
Playing ball and panicking on your way,
Your presence filled us with happiness and gay.
You are so precious to me, my dear brother,
I cannot even imagine my life any further,
As I tie Rakhi happily on your wrist this day,
I pray for nothing but to be by your side always.
Come what may, I'll stand by you facing storms,
Together we'll battle the harshest and be strong,
You'll always find me nearby you somewhere,
My dearest brother, you're the best and I'll always care.
Best wishes to you!!
-Your sweetest sister

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