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Kindled in agony, ignited in joy,
My flame is eternal in my soul.
Illuminating an aura of exuberance,
It guides me into my subtle goal.
Flickering in storms of anguished glory,
Hiding from drops of rain.
My flame in me enlightens trust,
To sail through brooks of pain.
A glow so dense with a mystic halo,
Surrounding my conscious mind.
Luring me into folds of destiny,
I stride on like a blind.
Broken dreams of fantasy lands,
Thoughts of hope entwined.
My flame of bliss with ardent face,
Comes to soothe my mind.
Ethereal hues of amber glow,
Spreads in wings of light.
Effacing gloom and blemishes dark,
It spells in blissful sight.
Beyond the clutches of mortal world,
Into the folds of cosmic curves.
My flame will hold my sublime soul;
With tender arms, my soul deserves.
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