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Gliding through the blankness of my thoughts
I hear a distant sigh
I turn around to look for the source
all I see is a mirror
When I look closely enough
it's not a mirror anymore
its a reflection, with distant yet so piercing eyes
and I realize that its
They look closely as if constantly searching
for something,
so long lost that it's hard to replace;
or is that really the case?
Then they seem to have fixed their gaze
as if they found the grail again
Amidst all the chaos of my mind,
they found it after all.
The scared little self who finds solace in her makeshift tent.
and I just stood there looking
never did I realize
I was so eager to escape
that I urged myself to hide again and again.
till today…
you found me
when I wanted to escape
you loved me when I loathed myself
you taught me to be my flawed self.
I never knew what forever means
or does it even exist?
fairytale or a soulmate
because if it does,
this day till the very end
after all this time…
You will be my Soulmate
My very own Best Friend
My own Twilight
Forever And Always.

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