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Fettered in shackles of gloomy minds,
Dowry breathes its share.
Moulded mortals stride to find,
The waves of filthy air.
We speak aloud in every stage,
Women must get empowered.
But fail to break this lousy cage,
Which captures gracious flowers.
I stayed awake for nights a whole,
To reach the final sky.
I hunted odds to kiss my goal,
And led my wings to fly.
Despite tons of name and fame,
You seek for coins and notes.
A girl has chosen your surname,
To sail on the same boat.
You throw me out in lonesome nights,
Thrash me every day.
You press my nerves in scary fights,
And stop my words to say.
Wealth is all you dream about,
The girl has little worth.
You pester me to groan and shout,
And burn my days of mirth.
Shameful men you must be ashamed,
You seek for earthly goods.
A breathing soul that warms your bed,
Is just a lusty food.
A girl can hold two souls as one,
Fix each broken gap.
A girl can bring in joy and fun,
Yet bear your cruel slap.
You worship God in female face,
You pray for divine grace.
The one who holds a worthy place,
Is just a fancy dress.
Stop the devilish acts on earth,
Dowry is a curse.
This brings fear in a female birth,
And makes things deadly worse.
Girls are worthy for their soul,
They bring bliss on earth.
Let them reach their sacred goal,
And sprinkle peace and mirth.

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