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Goddess Durga symbolises Love and Law both, and has 9 forms or 9 different names, that’s the reason we celebrate 9 days of Navratri. The physical appearance of the Goddess portrays 8 hands with a weapon in each hand. The 8 powers of the soul are symbolised by the 8 powers of the deities. Today, we shall study this pure form of soul spiritually. Goddess Durga preaches us the unique quality of “Power to Let-Go”:- to release one’s soul from all the hatred, anger, grudges, resentment, attachment, dominance, etc. Spiritually it is believed that if the soul holds on to such negative emotions, it’s powers and energies are depleted. Power to Let go can be implemented in 4 ways :
Past:- Releasing old grudges, resentment, hatred helps us to imbibe the power to let go
For ex. I wish I had chosen the chef as my career and not MBA
A soul should learn to let go off the past and move ahead without any resentments.
Guilt:- Lack of hold over past incidences and behaviour
For example:- I wish I had not gambled and lost a lot of money
A soul shouldn’t crib over past mistakes instead learn from it
Over expectations from near and dear ones leads to hurt, disappointments and sorrow.
For example:- I wish my son/daughter had scored better marks in his entrance examination
A soul should learn to accept the present and not burden others and self with expectations
A very important expression which goes unnoticed is attachment with family and friends. A soul depletes it’s energy in case of difference of opinion with over attached souls
For example:- my parents always fulfills my wishes, they cannot deny.
A soul should let go off to avoid these negative vibrations amongst the family.
Goddess Durga is shown riding on a Lion which symbolises overcoming all the disorders impurities and negativity from her soul. Goddess Durga is a mother yet a powerful soul hence she is an epitome of Love and Law as well.

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