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You're born a Goddess and Devi who's worshiped,
You bleed profusely but your strength is within,
You are a ball of power that shines so bright,
You are a female, a women and our pride.
You cradle a blooming seed in your womb,
You work incessantly for your family,
You are a homemaker and a housewife,
You are a powerful soul and a female with light.
Don't sit back and lament over your difficulties,
To the society you maybe fragile and weak,
But know who you really are and your strength,
You are a female and you are powerful in vibes.
You are Lakshmi, Saraswati, Durga and Kali,
From all the four directions you rule this world,
You are a mother, female and sister to many,
Let your fragrance waft in the air with strength.
We are less muscular and less in built,
But what others cannot do, a women does,
Why is it so that a women undergoes pain,
Is this the reality of discrimination these days?

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