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I was in school when I saw this girl
Beautiful and Brimful
Full Of loved ones
But there was something in here eyes
She was in a trap of lies
Everybody thought of her as the popular kid
Who's loved by all and they were jealous
Wanted to be like her
Because they thought she was perfect
But I saw something that was different
She was funny , the school's sweetheart
Good grades, funny and whatever you ask
She was nice to everyone
The girl who would have regrets
Immediately after an anger blast
She was the girl who'd believe in you
Even if you never did
But you know expectations kills
She had them all
Her eyes were so small
But nobody even imagined she held so much
Trying to maintain the perfection
But lost her identification
I saw it but she refused to agree
Saying she was just spree in happiness
But her smile hide it all in perfection
Soon I heard her news
She couldn't make it
Love fades
A suicide kills
A happy place
Of a lil girl
Who was brutually raped
I wish she knew a way
Couldn't survive her unsolved battles
But people being people
Talked after her absence
Saying she wasn't strong enough
She was just a stupid girl who made a bad decision
She had everything they said
But they never realised not everything matters
I still pray for her
At least she's free from all her struggles
Waited for a miracle that didn't happen
She is now in peace
But what about the many others
Who are fighting with their conflicts
Who have complaints but no one to listen
Stop faking your expressions
You are strong and you have our attention
You are loved and you don't have bad intentions
You're the best
So People should think before making any assumptions

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