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"Man is born free but bonded with chains'
In the words of Rousseau the great Philosopher is absolutely Correct in the Present situations,
Nowadays we come across here and There everywhere not only in our country But also in the world wide,agitations Against racism, discrimination of gender, Religion, region etc.,
All human beings are similar in
Body parts, breathing airway of
Living and having blood color
In red and there no caste for
Air and water in natural,
But why the gender, caste Feelings,religion,upper and lower
Region discrimination takes place in the Society because of lack of knowledge,
Educated and uneducated, rich
And poor, everyone is certain to birth and Death, there is no exemption to anybody
All have to leave this world and go either Hell or heaven when there is call from God,
Irrespective of caste and community
Region and religion ,all are equal in the
Eyes god ,live freely and liberty
Respect and cooperate each other by Honorable,
Due to the severe restrictions and rules
We can not succeed and achieve our
Goals, there must be liberty and freedom
To express our opinions and have the
Primary rights according to our Constitution other wise freedom is the Myth, unless we get justice."

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