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Life is long and limitless, same is the extent of gaining knowledge.
“What are you planning to do next?”, asks a wise man.
“MBA, I hope is the only option left, I suppose”, says a bachelorette.
So, when a person crosses the core stage of their life they finally start crawling up the pyramid; thereby reaching the top. After reaching the pinnacle, i.e. 12th, there comes the time to get enrolled into something which is his core interest area. But if we talk about MBA, the mentality of the society is such that MBA is a perfect institute that provides for perfect refinement of students i.e. it molds a person in a way to prepare them for their independent and decent living. So, MBA is a place; irrespective of the qualities and skills inculcated and developed by the person of his own field of interest, MBA is something which brings closeness and uniformity along with giving a hint to him/her about each subject domain be it because of one’s own interest or due to some peer pressure which is again a very debatable topic in itself.
After being a bachelor, irrespective of belonging to a technical background or a non-technical one, the bachelors think of the only option that can mold them into their best version i.e. being the JACK OF ALL TRADES and finally finding to be the master of one; which is all that can be made possible by
If we talk about leadership, focussing on short term goals is something that a man should do in reality. The problem is that he dreams big while focusing on the long term goals. Long term goals can be hypothetical. For instance, each company has its own set of vision of profit maximization which is a hypothetical goal as it is something it wants to achieve and ultimately wants to be a leader. In the same way, each and every person wants to be a leader but he is unaware of the downfalls he would encounter during that phase, so some sort of refinement is actually needed.
More than 40% of those listed in Fortune’s top 500 CEOs list are MBA graduates. There are various MBA graduates like C. Douglas Mc Milan, Tim Cook, Satya Nadella, and many more who have proved to be the most successful entrepreneurs.
MBA actually acts as a focal point for all those coming from different streams as it converges them all, that is the absolute thing that may actually either burn the paper or leave the paper unburned; differing from person to person and also from the kind of convex mirror i.e. the institute he/she belongs to.
So, if the paper burns, then that is something that ignites the fire and you are the leader in your light/domain.
When the seven colors of VIBGYOR representing the students from different backgrounds, culture, and domains converge at a particular point after passing from the prism that if represents the MBA institute, then the white ray of light that comes out of it after refinement is the fastest one as there is nothing as fast as the speed of light; hence denoting that people are in the cat race.
So, it is really difficult to arrive at a conclusion that who can be a leader. Although each and every person can be a leader in himself.
Thank you for reading !
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