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Wings shunned forever,
Wearing cloak of dominance,
Shattering his dreams.
Masked reality,
Scissoring appendages,
Burns his bright future.
Evergreen by heart,
These wings weren't cheap to let go,
Clipped ones were his gift.
'Have some faith in me,
'Leave me somewhere in the stars',
Broke the land of dreams.
'Stop bully!', he cried,
Stuck inside the chrysalis,
Hearts of stones he met.
Gifted shoes of thorns,
Sullen colour of despair,
Mourning Moon was lost.
He shed mermaid's tears,
Rusted colourful corals,
As birthday baggage.
Poison he inhaled,
Clanking metal tanks of war,
Curse chanted his dawn.
Thus died his cosmos,
Under veins of his parents,
Lost dreams were his muse.
Studded feathers charred,
And now his world is chaos,
Fall of rising it was.
Often children are put in cages where they feel suffocated because of restrictions put upon their lives. It might be parents, relatives, or even peer pressure. And this indeed chips off even that tiny bit of dream which they ever treasured. Broken Dreams are; because they are stopped to breathe them.

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