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I’m wearing a mask today, all because of human nature,
Nature! You get me right! We’ve ruined every feature,
A small bird cocoons in my lap and a teardrop falls,
I’m destined to breathe the same air, with the virus and its halls.

How tragic is the moment when we humans are penniless,
Devoid of emotions for nature but filled with one companion,
It’s not just my voice that shivers, even the birds cry here,
You don’t believe then visit; come and visit and be clear.

Every action had a reaction and we lived harshly,
Because of our selfish behaviour, even nature is suffering,
You look around and you’ll find a prison of branches,
Which entraps even the leaves because we destroyed their stances.

Corona was just an example, more are on the way,
If we don’t save the Earth, this world would be at stake,
All the five elements will fight the war for relief,
The destruction will take chances to let humans perish.

We still have time in hands to feed and think wisely,
Let’s mutually define this world, with love and sanity.


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