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I’m acrophobic, yet I have dreams to touch the sky,
The cerulean blush is attractive, like a gem in the sight,
I can relate it with my tears, and the way they pour down,
The cobalt cosmos has given me, a space to explore.

When tall buildings have their necks, raised till clouds
I wish to have wings, and fly solemnly being proud,
Cool air floating above is a remedy to my broken soul,
I hope to dress, in a sapphire gown and hold.

And the windows above are an escape, a vent to my feelings,
When dug up till the core, you might find broken seedling,
It’s me who seeks, solace and calmness from someone,
But the sky is a journey, a limitless pit of wisdom.

I know I cannot pluck the stars, but the canvas is soothing,
A realm to meditate and prosper, painting all the tragedies,
There’s so much to explore and a horizon to touch,
The sky is the ultimate goal, with buildings draping the girth


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