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Under the darkest moonlit night, we sit comfortably,
A bar of chocolate lying at a standstill with a cold breeze,
Warm fragrance slowly wafting the air, milky,
Toasting our skins, brushing softly with its nectar dipped.
Old memories singing sonnets as smoke fills nostrils,
A group of friends of the school days back sit honestly,
Anything can happen over a cup of coffee freshly brewed,
Dark chocolate, honey cupped faces asserting views.
Moist lips smoothly caressing the dipped spoon,
Cold effervescence jamming the cavity with its spill,
Oh yes, we are pouring ourselves another jug for memoirs,
Two girls, two boys, and the good old days waving by a smile.
With pakoras crunchy and glistening glassware set praising,
A bunch of melodies with sweet laughter resonating,
With bars of chocolates, partners sharing their memories,
Anything and everything can happen with a dairy glass smiling.

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