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Mother is the first love of each and every being in this world. Whether it's a human or an animal or the tiniest bird, as soon as a new baby opens its eyes, the first thing it sees is The mother. And you know what, the baby falls in love with her at that very first sight. This is actually love at first sight, in its truest sense.
Mother is the most needed person in one's life. She is the first one children run to if they are hurt. She is the one they cling to when they are sick. She is the one they call when they wake up every morning.
I have tried to put up my thoughts regarding My mother as my first love in form of a poem:
Love! Love! Love!
Love for This! Love for That!
Love for him! Love for her!
But the purest of all,
The unconditional one,
Is the love I got,
From my mother.
My mother, My first Love.
I am in love with her,
Since I entered her womb.
Since I felt her for the first time,
Since I first heard her voice,
My mother is the one,
Who smiled with me,
Who made me happy,
When I was sad.
Who cried with me,
When I was in pain.
Who shouted at me,
When I was wrong.
Who was with me,
Whenever I needed her.
She kept me going.
She made me strong,
Whenever I felt low.
She made me what I am,
And thus you know,
My mother is my first love.
My forever love.
Dedicated to all the children and their mothers worldwide.

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