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Life is a gift given by our parents and Almighty. We all have up and downs in life. Each one of us passes through the phase of life-joy and sorrow. We all go through pain, and we all do have happiness in life.
Nowadays people are so busy that they don't have time for themselves. They are living stressed life.
As a result, people are living with anxiety and depression.
They need someone with whom they can share or wonder about their life activities.
But do we really need someone???? Well, I don't think so.
A cup of tea and you are all that we need. Whenever one feels sad, he doesn't need anyone to listen. In fact, there are times when people when sharing with other people, are negatively influenced and sometimes get a more negative approach.
Have a cup of tea and sit alone in silence, listening to birds chirping in the morning. Silence is equally very important in life. People, nowadays don't give importance to self-talk, self advice, meditation, or yoga.
Self-talk is very important. Simply have a hot spiced tea and sit in a corner, or in a park. The best magic advice or key to success is to be thankful for what you have. And try to work hard, staying calm and positive for what you want to achieve.
One will never get negative advice.
One of the popular sayings, silence speaks everything.
Having tea and listening to good music brings new positivity and a good beginning to the day.
Nowadays, we are least bothered about what is happening in our neighbors. Because of our busy schedule, we hardly pay attention to any issues.
Another way we can be benefitting from silently sitting and having a sip of tea is we can observe our behavior. What happened?? Was it need to happen?? Could it be avoidable? Was there any better solution for the problem?? What can one do in free time??
And there are many questions which you will get the best reply with fresh and peace of mind.
Have anyone wonder why people in past 20 to 30 years have less anger or fewer stress issues?? Probably, the reason is they use to have talk with people having a cup of tea. they use to have positive talks. There were very few negative influencers. But as time passes, people don't have time to talk with each other. So they don't need to find any second person, they can have self-talk or self-assessment on issues.
Life is beautiful. Only one needs to change their perception. Yes, sometimes things are turn worst. but it doesn't mean one will give up. One can start fresh. Have a cup of tea and have self-motivation
One can discover himself, about hobbies, discovering the solution of problems by self-assessing.
So it would be wrong to say, silence kills. It is all about our mindset and perception

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