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“Health is Wealth”. We must take care of ourselves.
Health is not merely for physical health but also is related to overall well-being- mental and physical well-being.
Health and fitness are two sides of the same coin. If we have to be healthy, then we have necessarily to make ourselves fit. We may have kept ourselves healthy to get focus on our fitness.
Since health covers our physical and mental health so merely exercise is not part of it but also it is a wide concept.
To become fit, we must concentrate first on our food habits and lifestyle.
In recent times, our daily life has gone through a radical change due to social, economical, and technological change and therefore, our lifestyle has been hit drastically. With it, our sleep pattern has also been affected badly reducing sleeping hours. This all has affected our physical and mental well-being in a negative manner.
To cope with regaining our physical health, we may take the following steps :
1) May join a gym and may spend there a few hours per week.
2) Yoga, Cycling, Meditation, and brisk walking in daily life are also useful to maintain our physique and weight as well as hormonal imbalances, etc.
Further, our extended economic activities have compelled us to go from one place to another leaving no time for us to concentrate on our nutritional health. Due to it, we can not take home-cooked food to our workplace and solely depend upon market-food, resulting in great loss in intake of nutrition and leaving a bad impact on our health and fitness. Due to it, we may experience energy loss, weakness, and poor metabolism.
To develop good energy and better metabolism and have good nutritional values, we may adopt the following dietary habits:
1) Eat food at the proper time.
2) Eat small quantities of food multiple times.
3) Intake of green and leafy vegetables.
4) Have a balanced diet comprising of essential nutrients, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, zinc, iron, and water, etc.
Besides, a sleep of 7-8 hours a day is essential and crucial for our mental and physical fitness.
Mental fitness is also key to our overall fitness. But, due to present mobilization in our daily life has deprived us of it and society is also experiencing this threat from humans as almost everyone is suffering from depression and mental disorders.
To regain it, we may divert ourselves to some charitable works, religious or motivational positive thoughts.
Therefore, good health may lead to our overall mental and physical fitness which may also enhance our immunity, productivity and create social harmony among us.

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