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Family Love

Family -
One word but carries deep meaning,
The ones with whom we are happy,
The ones who are always behind us,
The ones with whom we can share our sorrows.

The ones who understand us without judging,
The ones who always appreciate us for our achievements,
The ones who encourage us when we fall down by our failures.

We may get hundreds of friends,
But we will definitely not get family again once it's gone.

A function can't be filled with happiness without family,
Without family our existence is nothing,
A building that is filled with cement, concrete, and much more,
Which may not call home until the family converts into the home with beautiful memories & its members.

Enjoy every moment and little things with family,
They are the ones who will never leave your hand in any situation,
Will always encourage you to achieve more and more.

Family love is a kind of love that we always get without asking. Actually, it is god gifted.
The love which we get from family is beyond imagination.
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