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About Us



A blogging platform for the creative writers to couch their feelings and thoughts at. We would provide you free security to blog, built-in audiences; along with daily challenges and various contests where you can pit your wits against other contenders.

Story of how Nazmehayat started...

The Inception of Nazmehayat

The true beholders of the brownie points for commencement of NAZMEHAYAT are the two founders; namely; Mr. Swapnil Singh & Ms. Anushree Goswami who had a great longing to curate and come forth with a platform for the worthy writers
Belonging to the same alma-mater, they were good friends. Together they crossed and overcame many hurdles, stood and fought together.
During the initial stage, they themselves became a part of the various writing platforms representing themselves as writers and tried their best to seize the opportunities.
As every coin has its two sides, the same was faced by the founders while learning from the different platforms and finally an idea stuck them of filling the gaps by starting something of their own. And this was the time when they finally decided on to start Nazmehayat.
Nazmehayat was started on 24th October, 2019. The first and foremost step that they took was creating a group on one of the social media platforms for challenges to be posted in. The first challenge was posted on November 2019. Since then they are continuing till date.
Now, Nazmehayat has its presence on various social media platforms namely, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and some more; the links to which are mentioned at the end of the page.

To become a leading literature platform all over the world providing the best, healthy and monetary benefits for all the writers / authors and a beautiful place to fetch the qualitative and quantitative contents for the readers / viewers.
We try to conclude the emotions of the person reflex in day to day life.
Imagining a future in the world of competition, looking forward to comprehending the community by providing the best of the best assistance in the next 10 years.

To become the shortest and strongest bridge among the writers / authors and readers / viewers.
To find happiness, fulfillment, and value in living.
We strive to grow our business with honesty such that the writer feels like a second home at Nazmehayat. To develop strength and talent as a person who is a communicator, a leader, a speaker and a great writer.
Will lead a good life centered around the existence of integrity, excellence, service to others, and trustworthiness.

Nazmehayat is totally dedicated to the writers. It is a new and fresh platform for all writers to get their contents freely reached to the larger audience. We are a large family of writers and you are a part of it.

What are you waiting for?

Come, write with us, pen down your emotions and get Featured.