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Remember,when we used to clap our hands in appreciation of one another? now we snap our fingers in desperation in quest for answers of our self's and each otherWords lacked meaning as a sorry sounds more demeaning than a thank youSins countedWins discountedWe live in...

If I could hold in my hands and count out every time I wonder what we could have been, I’d be lost in the infinite.How is it humanly possible that someone you trusted so completely could just walk away and never look back? Is that...

I desperately look at the clock,Feeble feet move faster at the door knock! I nurtured my kids with love and care,Now I have none to speak and share! Walking stick is the best companion,Better than human hands, in my opinion! I feed the hungry pigeons with compassion,Reading newspapers...

Let's hold hands with each other to the moon and back,Let's not leave hands neither in sunset nor in sunrise,Let's not leave hands neither in pain nor in sorrow,Let's not leave hands neither in love nor in hate,Let's not leave hands neither in grief nor...

You live, but not for yourself.Yourself, you'll deprive.So, for your childrenYou can provide. You are strong in front of themHiding the sadness in your eyes.Your fate, you did not condemn,But from chaos, you chose to rise. Still, I can read your eyes.The tears you have repressed.You fake...

When you start behaving differently,Found smiling usually,Isn't any strong vibes you feel,Actually, it's love vibes that are knocking your life to heal. You don't notice day night,Your eyes locked when you have their sight,And seeing them smiling for a while,You automatically smile. Tears in their eyes you...

It’s a full moon night and the moon is shining bright, Though it doesn’t has its own light but by the sun’s light it illuminates the entire world so bright. Its makes you enjoy in the dark nights, And adds beauty to the long drives I had often...

Hunting is not a sport. In a sport , both side should know they are in the game.- Paul RodriguezSave these innocent animals from hunting, they are beautiful creatures which also made by God. These are the gorgeousness of our forests.Each day thousands of innocent...

Life is beautiful with breeze of happiness, Begins from birth with the resonance of shades, Continuing till death and thereafter doesn't fade, The multitude of wavelengths touching hues, Forms a colorful rainbow dispersing from view. The prism of life is a kaleidoscope of colors, Where days maybe gloomy black or happy,...

"Every one must keep The health in good Condition because Health is wealth, If we lose moneyWe can earn againBut if we becomeUnhealthy, we can'tBe recovered easily, Health is the most Important in lifeOne should haveOne's own immunityPower, To overcome anyHealth problemsWe must be healthyAnd better to do...