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I would have called our love story magicalBut I would be lying, yes I wouldTrue because there were no sightings of fairies or use of pixy powderAnd no existence of a giant who probably snores even louderNor a princess getting rescued from a dragon by...

Humans are born with traits, and mistakes is a common term,Because of their action, they at times fall prey of someone,Realization is really important, so that life runs smoothly,And later learning from the same, after saying sorry. Because actions speak louder, and 'Sorry' is not an...

"Arghh!!!! Wrong again" Jenny crumbles the paper and throws it. Grace who was sitting there notices it and went near her, "Why you so pissed off?" Jenny holds her head and replies, "My exams are coming and I'm committing such silly mistakes in these easy...

In the mornings; I open the window, feel the wind blow and ask what if!!!! What if money never existed? could we all have been the same?Could fashion be trash and could we be more interested in our similes more than outfits with cheap price tags?Could...

Family is not an important thing,It's EVERYTHING.Family is a "Root" of origin,Who implies ordination from generation to generation. They are like the strongest glue ever,Which are never apart from each other in thick & thin. Dad return to sweet home after doing round the clockwork,Handsome son directly...

Dear Dad,I am sad.As father's day is on the cornerBut you are nowhere.I hope angels in the heavens,With their brethren,Are giving you love and care.Fulfilling needs and desires.I remember your upbringing,It was strict and so was your scolding.It made me different than the rest,It made...

I used to work with a lady called Rina. We are both Pisceans so we bonded over common things and pangs of being soft, sensitive, loving Pisceans.She quit her job but we were in touch. She was unmarried,35 with a large family of 5 sisters....

There were three brothers in a family. They loved each other, cared for each other just the way the parent takes care of their children, laughed together, and shared happiness with each other.They always had their food altogether and promised that they will never leave...

Are now dying in the lonely corner of my beautiful room. Letters I wrote to youAre burried with wordsThat my heart wants to puke outBut my mindMy mind says"VOMITING ALWAYS MAKES IT DIRTY" So. I hold.I hold my feelingsI hold my wordsI hold all my lettersI hold...

Healing is a processit's a kind of battle you arebound to go throughBut you have to get a crackin order to let light get inpain in it is just like a tide of a seaHigh, low, high low It might ebb or flow for sometimesso my...