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Remember,when we used to clap our hands in appreciation of one another? now we snap our fingers in desperation in quest for answers of our self's and each otherWords lacked meaning as a sorry sounds more demeaning than a thank youSins countedWins discountedWe live in...

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is a writer. Some stories are written in books and some are confined to hearts. - Savi Sharma "Everyone has a story 2" is the sequel of "Everyone has a story" by Savi Sharma. Savi Sharma is one of the...

Family is not an important thing,It's EVERYTHING.Family is a "Root" of origin,Who implies ordination from generation to generation. They are like the strongest glue ever,Which are never apart from each other in thick & thin. Dad return to sweet home after doing round the clockwork,Handsome son directly...

"Family is like a compass that guides us. " Brad Headley. Family is the core root of our existence and identity. We imbibe the right moral values from our parents who teach us to differentiate between good and bad, right and wrong. Family is like...

It’s so difficult to find thousands of hearts.One of them would be the spring of your lifeSeasons do not bloom again and againThe flowers wither away as the days go byLaughter is lost of lifeWhen two hearts get angry! Why does this happen every timeHearts do...

Her attraction is magneticHer touches electricHer smile broad and livelyHer face is beautiful and lovely. Her voice smooth and sweetHer lips taste like candy and sweetHer teeth well arrangedHer character staged. She is wonderfulShe is beautiful.18/6/2021Her skin lightNot that she is whiteBut she got the American heightHer...

The withered flower kept in my book Its fragrance dies when you shut me out The flower I placed behind your ear I guess it was just a mere mistake We took the jokes soo far ahead The sincerity died an eccentric death Yet you go back time n time again Trying...

An unexpected gift Author- Ajay. K.Pandey It's a story of an author describing his life after the death of her wife and the struggles he faced with his 8 months old child. Later on, he appointed an aya to take care of his child, that aya came out...

Over the grave poured the last rain of their love in vain,One gone and the other beheld to hold hands again,As heaven cried to let the soul breathe its last,Submerging the reminiscents of their past. It brought back memories of their scattered pieces,That melted in their...

I got it into my laps when I was coming back from my school,Scoopy, my pet as I named it, had a fractured toe and foot,My heart melted seeing the sight, and I carried it back home,Since then I've been tending to its wounds and...