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She is coated with cerulean skies, her breath in the atmosphere,She is enriched with manured soil, and contains organisms bizarre,Her hair is a knotted tree, and high laid line of canopies,Her phalanges cradle this world, Mother Earth is a treasury. She is always in slumber, while...

Pollution, pollution here and there, Pollution, pollution everywhere. Human causes all the pollution Pollution makes human die, Then they complain about increasing pollution every night...

Wake up at six,You will be fixed,Fresh air blowing,& You are glowing. That morning walk,With a lot of talks,Freshens you up,Drinking tea in a cup. Birds melodious chirping,With bright sun shining,Looks so pleasant,Giving positive vibes isn't. When all that dark enter,With smile encounter,After the dark surprise,There is a...

Courage in heart, goals in mind,kindness in soul with love combined.Compete with yourself like a billionaire,work on yourself and don't compare. Life is hard but have patience,Your life is a train choose your station.Move forward, don't look back,wait for the right time and attack. Your mind is...

Nature as always is beautiful,A sight worth watching is blissful,With resplendent sunny dawn,A ray of hope is born,Glorious sunny day,Scenic beauty s amazing displayAs a cool and gentle breeze flows,An inexplicable amount of joy grows,My favorite season spring,Birds chirp and sing,Dazzling flowers blooming,Is absolutely captivating,Smitten...

What if the dulcet songs on earth remained all unheard?What if the flowing brook sang aubades with no words?What if the squeaking birds had no voice to make them heard,The world shall but be a silent cave with tacit flapping birds.Creations all that crawls or...

Unheard stories thrive in hush beneath the wounded leaves,A tinge of hazel hues from skies onto the floor they cleave.A spectator in awe is what my identity speaks,Beholding in silence; the pride that sniffs and peeks-From behind the coast redwood or the smiling crowds of...

I'm wearing a mask today, all because of human nature,Nature! You get me right! We've ruined every feature,A small bird cocoons in my lap and a teardrop falls,I'm destined to breathe the same air, with the virus and its halls. How tragic is the moment when...

You call me weak, you call me a low living butterfly,Someone who's born with fragile being of skies,You see me clumsy and I'm full of cons in your eyes,But you are unaware of the wings I adorn to fly high. But the waves of oceans cradle...

The setting sun the sparkling ocean,The rising moon shining bright,This elegant scenery caught my eyes.Sitting at the seaside, as I rolled my eyes,The beauty of nature left me mesmerised.Beneath the stary sky, holding the cup of coffee in that cold night,I was experiencing something that...