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I would have called our love story magicalBut I would be lying, yes I wouldTrue because there were no sightings of fairies or use of pixy powderAnd no existence of a giant who probably snores even louderNor a princess getting rescued from a dragon by...

Humans are born with traits, and mistakes is a common term,Because of their action, they at times fall prey of someone,Realization is really important, so that life runs smoothly,And later learning from the same, after saying sorry. Because actions speak louder, and 'Sorry' is not an...

“They will come tomorrow, love”  “Yes” “And where will we go? These mountains have been our homes for years”. “Nowhere.” “It is better to die than be homeless. After all that we did for our children...

We are in a pandemic right at this time. This has started an international lockdown process. Every country in the world is currently affected!Many are navigating their way in their personal lives the best way they know how. Some complain vigorously while others are using...

Together we will win.We definitely will win.This tragic period will culminate one day,Definitely.But will you be really gratified after this?after losing millions of lives?Will you be able to applaud the attainment?When you will be back at your normal lives,Will you be satisfied, not finding your...

When I see myselfIn the mirrorI see a cheerful girlI see a girl who is quite easygoingI see a girl who dances to her own tunes, but is receptive tooI see a girl who lives her life on her terms, but still is adaptableI see...

Lockdown, a word not many people knew before the year 2020, a word that made people across the globe sit inside their home for months together, a word that nobody wants to hear now. But this was also the word that made people stop their everyday...

Smile is no doubt the best and easiest way to keep good mental health. It is the arrow that never hurts anyone. One needs to stay happy and face all pain and sufferings by just 'Sailing. Not only it makes better relationship but also strengthens...

Life is like the Hourglass. We need to turn it upside down to start a new beginning. We all faces problems in life. One should not just loose hope and feel failure. Instead, one should be like hourglass, like while turning it upside down, it...

Life is all about reflection, Of words, thoughts and action, Reflection is an introspection,To enhance the presentation, Vital for progression ,To earn recognition , Reflection is essential for self -perception , For self -actualization ,For better expression , Of words, thoughts and actions, Realization of...